Alright, alright, alright...

It can be rather easy to compare ourselves against others, worry we don't fit in, or even pathologize the tendency to do so. Another way of seeing might inform us that the visions we hold of what could be better, different, or held another way are there to help us acknowledge what simply doesn't serve any more, what simply isn't sustainable in the first place. And that's true and essential for evolution whether of a country, a partnership, or one's own sense of self.

Attuning to the voice that whispers, "but what if..." or "I shouldn't..." isn't necessarily or intrinsically a negative thing. In fact, what if that question isn't coming from the inner critic at all? What if that question were to be honored? What if it were there from your soul, pointing like a compass toward what's needed next?

When practice listening to the parts of us that question, then we learn to befriend our curious nature. And that friendliness can in turn help us treat all our parts with respect instead of judgement.

From this place, we just might find a vision in the heart of who we're becoming, what medicine we have to offer our communities, and what dreams in us wish to be fulfilled. I hear in this speech that it's important to acknowledge, to express one's gratitude, to surround oneself with love and support, and to engage with life from a place of respect for self and others. And to that I say, "alright, alright, alright!"